Banishing Bat Wings – Tips from Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz Show

“Bat Wings”, the loose skin that can dangle from the upper arms, are problematic for many women.  This can happen for a number of reasons:

In fact, Slimpressions was originally inspired by a very embarrassing arm flab moment by our Co-Founder, Amy Pedersen.

The good news is it can be improved! Check out these five tips Dr. Oz featured on his international television show.


o   The Haves™ by Slimpressions, in particular, was spotlighted

Retinol Cream 

o   Helps build collagen and firm the upper arms

o    Use the cream every day for optimal results

Self-Tanner or Foundation

o   Just as you can contour your face with make-up, you can do the same for your arms

o   Simply brush on some color where your muscle is


Exercise – Fitness expert Debi Sibler, The Mojo Coach, recommends:

o   Closed Armpit Pressbacks

  • Bend at the waist
  • Put your arms close to your side, bend your arms and start with your fists near your shoulders
  • Push your arms back and twist your wrists up without letting your elbows drop

o   Chair Dips

  • Sit on chair
  • Extend your legs straight out
  • Putting all your weight on your hands, lift yourself off the chair
  • Drop your bottom down in front of the chair until your arms are no more than 90 degrees

Take advantage of these tips and tricks for smoother, sleeker Michelle Obama or Kelly Ripa-like arms!



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