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By: Accent On Tampa Bay

Reconfigure Your Figure with Slimpressions

It’s a fact of life. Many women, regardless of shape and size, struggle with flabby arms, but traditional body shapers on the market do not address this troublesome area.  Slimpressions shapewear is a patent-pending line of everyday slim shapers designed to slim a woman’s arms, back and midriff. The slimming garments — The Haves, The Have Nots, and The Skinny Minis — create an illusion of weight reduction which helps to boost confidence while sculpting the top half of a woman’s body.

Slimpressions shapewear is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial sisters-in-law from Marietta, GA — Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels — who saw a need in the existing crop of body shapers. The Haves and the Have Nots product lines have a unique design to control and smooth arm flab, and the products also have a ribbed, seamless midriff to compress back fat, muffin tops, and lower waist bulge. The Skinny Minis provide the same back, midriff, and waist compression with comfortable and adjustable spaghetti straps as opposed to full arm coverage. The Have Nots are designed as a BYOB, (Bring Your Own Bra). The open front design scooped just below the bra line allows you to wear your bra without an extra layer. The Haves and the Skinny Minis have soft cups for chest coverage. So, you can wear the Haves and the Skinny Minis alone, or enjoy extra support if you choose to wear over your bra.

Slimpressions body slimmer is designed to minimize the dreaded roll-ups common in other shapewear products. Slimpressions has a long torso with extra support banding to fit snugly on your hips, reducing the chances of an untimely rollup!  For best results, tuck Slimpressions into your pants.

Dozens of boutiques and lingerie shops already have Slimpressions shapewear in their stores, but the products can also be purchased online. For more information, go to


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