Body Flaw Fixer: Stop Waving that Arm flab with the Help of Slimpressions

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I am working out with a trainer, modifying my diet, and spending five days a week at the gym tightening and toning, but sometimes a girl just needs a little help. Ladies, I am not afraid to say it – I am a shapewear addict.

I have them in every shape and size, but I’ve recently found a little slice of hidden support heaven in Slimpressions, a line of shapewear that focuses on the upper body – namely your back, torso, and your ARMS.

Yes, folks, there is a line of bodyshapers out there that can give you the appearance of slimmer arms by tucking it in and holding it down.

The shapers come in Haves ($72), which streamlines the entire torso including the bust and the Have Nots ($72), a similar shaper that scoops under the bra to make you slender and more booblicious.

Each one comes in multiple hues just like your undies so you can slip into blouses, dresses, and all sorts of lovely outfits about a half size smaller and stroll out looking fabulous.

One small note: you step into a Slimpression and pull it up over your hips to put it on. My first time out with this lovely item I tried to pull it over my head and caused quite a bit of staring at the gym. Read the instructions, folks.

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