Body Image Baggage

Many women have some body image baggage, although baggage might be an understatement. Myself included to tell you the truth. I’ve got years of issues packed into these saddle bags. It’s hard to say exactly when or where it started though.
Perhaps it began in middle school with a conversation with my classmate David. All the girls in our class had a crush on him. He had this incredible blonde hair and he somehow kept that warm summer glow all year round. And oh, that dimple. He was simply adorable! He made me melt.
I’ll never forget the thought-provoking question that he asked me that warm spring day. Very “innocently”, he asked me a philosophical question it seemed. ‘If I didn’t have feet, would wear shoes?’ I mean, seriously? What kind of question was that? That was ridiculous. Of course I wouldn’t need to wear shoes if I didn’t have any feet. ‘So why do you wear a bra then?’ …. He got me. Big time!
I think it’s safe to say any body image concerns were promoted to body image issues that day. And you wonder why I felt the need to create a women’s shapewear line one day! Perhaps shape clothing will one day be in our future is well.
Years later my body issues evolved as my body expanded. After stretching my belly out like a rubber band for nine months, twice might I add, it’s no wonder my midriff turned into muffin top after the kids were born. Would you seriously expect a rubber band to whip back into shape after it was pulled taut for nine months? Admittedly though, it’s probably time to quit telling people that I meet for the first time that I’m still working on losing my baby weight, especially since my “babies” are seven and nine now.
These days, I’m thankful for my lumps and bumps. To me, they are a red bad of courage signifying motherhood (even though I brought many of them with me pre-children…).Now I can just blame the belly on the kids. I figure they’ll blame me for things I don’t really deserve one day too so I’m paying it forward, if you will.
Even though these lumps and bumps come with the territory, I’d still like to keep them to myself rather than show them off to the world. I think most women are with me on that. Every now and then I am surprised when I meet a woman who has never heard of a slim shaper or a body briefer.  Oh, the smile on her face when she learns about this celebrity secret! Champion the cause, ladies! Tell women you know and love about Slimpressions body slimmers and make someone’s day today! (To be continued….)

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