Body Image Baggage – Part II

When you have body image issues like me, shapewear is a way of life. To me, every woman should be wearing body briefers every day. It helps her look better in her clothes and feel better about herself.   I think slim shapers are a fashion necessity. My husband thinks slim shapers are a kind of false advertising.
Long before Jen and I co-founded Slimpressions, I was a HUGE fan of women’s shapewear and shape clothing. (No pun intended, of course.) I had body shapers for my butt, my thighs, my hips, my waist, my back fat, my jelly belly, and my muffin top. Phew. But what I did not have was something for my arm flab.
Sadly, my “ah-ha” moment as Oprah calls it stemmed from a moment of embarrassment. One lovely morning when I was dropping my kids off at preschool, I waved across the parking lot to a friend. And although my hand quit moving when I stopped waving, my arm flab did not. Now I knew that I had arm flab. That wasn’t new news.   But what WAS new was the look on my friend’s face when she noticed that I had a severe case of arm flab-itis. She tried to be discrete but I saw that look of shock and awe.
Afterwards I called Jen, my sister-in-law and now-business partner, and asked her to Google arm flab shapewear for me.  I needed to buy some. When she couldn’t find any online, a business idea was born. It’s true what they say, necessity is indeed the mother of all invention. Who knew arm flab could inspire a comfortable yet powerful shapewear revolution?

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