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Like every other woman over the age of 30, I’m always on the lookout for a miraculous cure for the muffin top.  And by miraculous, I mean something that doesn’t require diet and exercise.

There is no shortage of products nowadays to “reconfigure your figure”.  I’ve tried several Spanx products and haven’t been thrilled with any of them.  Their tank top styles smush my boobage and ride up, and their high-rise bike shorts slide down and roll over at the waist.

I’ve tried a few other products to try and tame the midriff flab from time to time with no success.  (Note: I do love Spanx tights. But that’s another post.)

Recently I was given the opportunity to sample all three Slimpressions® products.  Now here is something I can finally get excited about!  Slimpressions is a line of shapewear to slim a woman’s arms and back while battling her midriff bulge.

HALLELUJAH!  HALLELUJAH! Can’t you here the choirs of angels singing? Here is a list of features.

  • Ribbed midriff for flab-u-lessTM all-around support
  • Long torso for tucking or layering
  • Seamless torso that curves where you want it to
  • Tagless comfort

Slimpressions comes in three styles.  You’ll want to go to their site to see photos of how they work.

  1. The HavesTM — Sleevage  plus Cleavage Contro Top
  2. The Have-Nots — Sleevage Control Top w/out Cleavage Compromise
  3. The Skinny MinisTM — Upper Body Control Top with Utterly Naked Arms

I was initially interested in the Skinny Mini because my arms aren’t (yet) giving me flab issues.  But the one I really loved was The Have-Nots because I like that it doesn’t cover the chest area.  I’ve worn my The Have-Nots piece several times and been very pleased with it.

The region I am most concerned with reshaping is my midriff, and this piece handles that beautifully.  It’s not uncomfortably binding, it doesn’t ride up, and it doesn’t create an obvious crease at the waist like some shapewear pieces I’ve tried.

I ALSO like the way it covers the entire back and doesn’t create that unsightly back flab that so many bras and shapewear pieces create.  Plus, in these cold winter months, it adds a layer of warmth.

Or Let me show you what I mean.  This is one of my favorite sweaters but it’s snug.  Slimpressions helps slim that midriff region so it’s much more flattering right now when I’m still up about 5 pounds from Christmas.  (How long can I use Christmas as an excuse for being up 5 pounds??)



I highly recommend these pieces to women who have a little (or a lot) of extra flab skin in the midriff region and are looking for ways to camouflage it comfortably.

Chic Critique

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