Control Top Arm Hosiery: Would You Wear It?

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The new trend in the world of shapewear seems to be focusing on eliminating the dreaded

—and oh-so-hard-to-tone—arm bulge. Think about it: the shapewear choices for today can slim your stomach, backside, thighs, and love handles—there’s evens hape clothing to enhance what you haven’t got. So it’s only fitting that arm shapewear would be next in line, right? My favorite arm bulge blasters?

Well, there are a few, each with it’s own special something! Slimpressionsis slim shaper that slims your arms while it slims your back and your stomach—which surprisingly, is super comfortable!

The cami-with-arms can be worn a few different ways to either enhance or minimize your upper body (shown is the enhancing version).

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