Dolce Dolce

There is always a moment during my December shopping frenzy when I finally get exhausted from searching for the perfect gift for each of my loved ones. It’s an amazing feeling to give presents selflessly, however it can be draining.

Standing in long lines with babies crying, and hunting down sale items, will push you to the limit. It makes you yearn for some personal relief or therapy. So, why not treat yourself to the gift that will keep you looking slim and “flabuless” all year round.

Slimpressions is a patent-pending line of everyday shapewear designed to slim a woman’s arms, back, and midriff.

It’s a fact of life that many women struggle with flabby arms. Traditional body shapers do not address this troublesome area.

Slimpressions’ flab-u-less slimming garments create the illusion of weight reduction which helps to boost confidence by sculpting the top half of a woman’s body.

For extra chest support, try the Haves design. It holds larger breasts firmly as you work out. If your chest does not require any compression, try the Have Not’s or the Skinny Minis collections. Slimpressions offers seamless torso and arm shapers with gentle compression to smooth and shape “the problem areas”. Treat yourself to a slimmer you at They also make great gifts.


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