Drop Pounds Without Losing Any Weight with Slimpressions Shapewear!

Beauty and Style Expert Charla Krupp was recently featured on a podcast on LA-Story.com

One of her must have items featured in her book(s), is shapewear. As Charla said, it’s important to try it on because it has to fit properly. No point in buying something you can’t get into or feel like you are suddenly a sausage.

Try this new line: Slimpressions (available at slimpressions.com ) which has some unusual aspects to it— because it’s not trying to be everything to every body but what it does do, is done exceptionally well. This premium line of shapewear will make you look pounds lighter, younger and just make you feel better about yourself and what you are wearing.

These flab-u-lessTM slimming garments comfortably sculpt both the top half and the bottom half of a woman’s body.

While Slimpressions has the traditional body shapers that most women think of, they have created some new styles that make a huge difference in how a woman looks. Many women, regardless of shape and size, struggle with flabby arms, but traditional body shapers on the market do not address this troublesome area.

Enter The HavesTM and The Have NotsTM, our founding, patent-pending garments. These shaping solutions slim and sculpt jelly belly, back fat, AND arm flab! .”The Haves” are for those who have a good sized bustline and need support. The “Have Nots” are for those who lack the bustline and need a different kind of support that provides emphasis, without squashing the bust down.

Other styles of Slimpressions fit every fashion style and body type: for those who need more support (in the bust area).

For the “Haves” — those with sufficient bust. For the “Have Nots”
Lots of styles including camisoles Tanks

What’s interesting about these pieces is that you don’t wrestle them over your head; you step into them and pull them up over your hips. It’s faster and easier.

Buy these great pieces at www.slimpressions.com

Charla Krupp

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