Everyday Wardrobe Essentials for Extraordinary Women

It’s those “wardrobe essentials” that everyone talks about, but what exactly are they?! They are the key to your closet and the items that can pull any look or outfit together. These are not necessarily your most spectacular pieces; you can think of them more as the frosting on the cake or the timeless items that always comes to your rescue.

The little black dress is the most well known closet essential, but extraordinary women need more! A trench coat is a classic piece that still has some flare of style in it. Tim Gunn, a well-known stylist and the star of Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, adds dress pants, a classic skirt, jeans, day dress and jacket to the list.
Oprah Winfrey created a list of 18 wardrobe essentials. Among the items were metallic flats, leather day bag, knit leggings, white button down, and the right undergarments. The item to note on Oprah’s list is the “right undergarments”.
Stylists tend to overlook placing undergarments in wardrobe essentials, but this list is meant to be about practicality and style. Sometimes that little black dress does not look flattering until you pull yourself together, literally. The work of undergarments and shapewear can change a silhouette, smoothing lumps and bumps and make you look thinner. These essentials have the most impact but are frequently overlooked.
I’ve always said shapewear is like jewelry. You have to mix and match depending on what you are wearing and where your problem areas are. If you complain about your arm “flags” like Oprah and I do, you’ll love The Haves and The Have Nots by Slimpressions. (A “Brilliant Buy” in Charla Krupp’s book How to Never Look Fat Again. If muffin top is your nemesis, you’ll enjoy the Hi-Waisted Panty. If you can’t stand your thighs rubbing together, the Long Leg Shaper is right for you! Lots of great choices for all of your shaping and slimming needs.
In truth it is all up to you. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself! Stylists and celebrities can note key items that should be in your wardrobe, but what do you desire? Think about your lifestyle and the type of outfits you need. Your closet is yours and yours alone. Now I’m assuming it might be time to do a little shopping?!
Amy Pedersen
Co-founder, Slimpressions shapewear
Recommended Items: Black dress, trench coat, dress pants, classic skirt, jeans, day dress, jacket, cardigan, flats, day bag, white button down, Slimpressions shapewear, raincoat, capris, and, of course, a basic black pump.

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