Fit Is In

Gone are the days when women hide their bodies under their clothes to try and disguise their figure imperfections…and thank goodness!  In their well-intentioned attempt to look smaller, women actually found themselves adding bulk and girth to their look inadvertently.

Hot stylists like our friend, Stacy London, TLC’s What Not To Wear go-to-girl for all things fashion, constantly advise women to buy flattering clothes that work with their figure rather than try to hide under extra large clothing with no shape.  No matter what their size, most women have an area or two that they would like to camouflage.

Q:  So how do you best accomplish this curve defining feat?  A:  Foundation and fit.

Foundation garments are key for women to look their best.  If you haven’t had a professional bra fitting in a  while (or ever), get one.  Many of these boutiques do a fabulous job of bra fittings and we highly recommend their services.  Putting “the girls” where they belong and presenting them in the best way can shave pounds off your look instantly.

Want more instant gratification?  Needless to say, shape-wear is essential.  Not all shape-wear is created equal, however.  (It’s kind of like saying all jeans are the same.  Different styles/brands work for different women.)  We created Slimpressions to work with a variety of body types, not just those that are already shaped like models.  How?  Our seamless torsos.  Using a patented technology rare where we manufacture, North America, we paid special attention to the midsection.  Our seamless midriff offers extra, balanced compression for everyday wear where we need it the most.  And by making it seamless, Slimpressions body shapers conform to YOUR body, instead of displacing it the way so many others do.  Fit makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

For more great tips and tricks on hiding lumps and bumps from Stacy and Clinton, TLC’s What Not to Wear stylists, watch this video and check out The Have Nots, one of their featured shaping solutions.

Finally, buy clothes that flatter your figure.  Flaunt your curves, not hide them.  No matter what your size, you will look smaller and more fashionable by buying clothes that accentuate the smallest areas on you, in particular.  If the off-the-rack design isn’t an exact match for your body, buy the closest size and have the garment altered.  By investing the time and the money in the right foundation and fit, you will look your absolute best.  And that feels so good on, doesn’t it?

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