Amy B. Pedersen Founders Award and Scholarship

Founders Award

Amy B. Pedersen Founders Award and Scholarship
Awarded to Alice Patterson, WLSFA Grant Recipient

Press Release: Portland, OR, May 19, 2017–Slimpressions is excited to award the first annual Amy B. Pedersen Founders Award to WLSFA member and grant recipient Alice Patterson.

This award is named after Amy B. Pedersen, one of Slimpressions shapewear’s co-founders.  “Amy inspired me from the very moment I met her, encouraging me daily during my own weight loss journey” said current Slimpressions President and CEO, Dawn Hurlebaus. “I often told Amy she had the gift of wisdom, knowing just what to say at all the right times.  We couldn’t think of a better way to honor both her legacy as the brand’s originator and a worthy recipient who sparks the same endurance, excitement, and passion as Amy.  At Slimpressions, we want to show our community we care and promote positivity in everything we do. Our message is simple … #iamstrong, #iamconfident, #iambeautiful, #iamloved, #igotthis.  This is who we are. This is what makes Slimpressions different”

“I am so thankful to receive Slimpressions shapewear as part of my WLSFA Grant. I look forward to living a new healthier life and with Slimpressions, a more confident life as I follow my weight loss surgery journey.” replied Alice Patterson. Alice is the 22nd grant recipient of the WLSFA and the first recipient of the “Carnie Wilson Pay It Forward” grant to allow the WLSFA to both gift Alice with the medical treatment she needs and to honor the fundraising efforts of Carnie Wilson on behalf of the foundation.

Slimpressions will continue to recognize one recipient each year at the WLSFA conference who exemplifies strength and motivates others along the way.  Not only will the recipient receive Slimpressions shapewear products to wear, but a donation to the WLSFA will be made by Slimpressions in the recipient’s name.

Antonia Namnath, President of WLSFA, said, “The WLSFA has had a long partnership with Slimpressions, and it all started with Amy and her amazing products that benefit our community.  We are thrilled to have this grant from Dawn and Slimpressions as it helps our grant recipients and our charity fund more grants each year.”

About Slimpressions
As seen in O Magazine, InStyle, Redbook, Dr. Oz and more, Slimpressions has been touted as a premium line of shapewear designed to comfortably slim a woman’s body and give her the illusion of weight loss. Designed with excess skin in mind, Slimpressions shapewear conforms to every body shape to help women boost their confidence and look even better in their clothes. Visit

The WLSFA is a nonprofit organization powered by weight loss surgery patients and their supporters, bariatric surgeons and their practices, hospitals, and corporations. Together, the supporters raise funds and gather resources to give away in the form of surgery grants to people denied access to the medical treatment related to obesity. Visit


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