From Pillsbury Dough Boy to Angelina Jolie – The Body Slimmer Situation

When Jen and I began our journey into women’s shapewear, we wanted to create a line of comfortable body slimmers that women would feel good about wearing every day, all day (as opposed to those body briefers that comprise one’s circulation!).
I met a woman the other day who told me about her “big gun” slim shaper situation, we’ll call it. Her class reunion was right around the corner and she was on a serious mission….She wanted to purchase a body shaper that would help her go from Pillsbury Dough Boy to Angelina Jolie. No problem, right?
And she knew she found just the thing when came across a type of shape clothing that claimed she could look like she lost ten pounds in ten seconds, simply by wearing the garment.  Needless to say, she snatched that thing right off the hanger and headed straight for the dressing room. Since she wanted to look like she lost 30 pounds, she grabbed the one that was three times smaller than she normally wore. Yowzer.
After what some could have easily misinterpreted as a wrestling match in the dressing room, she did it! She got the darn thing on! And she said she did look significantly smaller…but breathing didn’t come as easily as it once had. Darn that oxygen! Even though she found that body shaper incredibly uncomfortable, however, she did end up buying it. Mostly because she was too embarrassed to ask the sales woman for the scissors that she ultimately needed to get the darn thing OFF!   Ohh, the things women can subject themselves to in order to look good! Thank goodness for Slimpressions! Balanced compression perfect for everyday wear. Why? We’re big fans of looking good and feeling good….oh, and OXYGEN too!

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