Grandma Swing Be Gone!

I am 30 years old, and dealing with what some have nicknamed “grandma swing.”  You know, the flabby arm jiggle that happens when I wave at someone across the street or flag down a cab. It’s hereditary. My mom’s got grandma swing too, even though neither of us are grandmas.

So when a PR friend of mine told me about Slimpressions, I thought, this may actually be an invention I can get behind. It’s like Spanx, but for your arms. (I know! Insane.)

They even have ones that cut out a spot for your bust, so it doesn’t flatten “the girls.” And one that gives you “top cleavage control.” Genius!

Why is Oprah not on this yet? Ladies, I rarely hock products on my blog, but can’t resist. You can find them at

Two words. You’re welcome! Steffdav’s Blog

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