Holiday Fashion Tips to Look Your Fab self!

Thinking ahead to Christmas and wondering what to wear? Here are 4 Holiday Dressing Tips to make you look fabulous after 40.

Try not to buy black.

By this time in your life haven’t you bought enough little black dresses?? Why not break out of the rut and dare to buy something with some color in it! That way, you won’t be just one more dress in a sea of black, and you will look festive and fun! We would love to challenge you to just go out there and “try” not to buy black. You will find it’s harder than you think!!

Don’t reveal too much skin

The biggest mistake we see mature woman make is that they buy holiday outfits that are in style, but that don’t look good on bodies that are aging. That means the ever popular strapless dresses are generally a No No! As we age, our arms are one of the first places to start sagging. Be aware of this and take action! Go for a deeper neckline, but see if you can find a dress or top that has wide straps, or that has some fabric over the shoulders that covers up the arms.

Think Legs

This season you can get overwhelmed with the choices of dress lengths. What should you do? We think you should be honest with yourself about your legs! If  your legs are still looking great, don’t cover them up. Show them off! Don’t hide under long skirts that make you feel matronly. However, if your legs are not your best feature, just skip the dress and go for a wonderful pant suit. You can still look festive and hip in a pant suit if you look for a fabric that is elegant and shiny. Be sure to wear the right shoes and accessorize it!

Invest in a Slim Shaper 

If you choose a dress made of clingy fabric or that is body hugging GREAT! However, make sure you keep the bulges to a minimum! There are so many brands of shapewear out there, you will be thrilled with the choices and instant smoothing results! Most boutiques carry the ever popular Spanx line, but there are many more out there too, like Cass and Co, and Slimpressions.

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