How To Dress Thinner – Tip #23

The key to dressing to give the illusion of being thinner than you actually are begins as so many things do…with the foundation.

We HIGHLY recommend having a professional bra fitting.  As Oprah revealed several years ago on The Oprah Winfrey show, a bra that fits correctly can actually make you look ten pounds thinner (depending on the size of your “girls”).  Many of our retailers do professional bra fittings so please check out our store locator for a location nearest you.  It’s well worth it!

Of course, slim shapers is a MUST when wanting to look skinnier than you actually are.  There’s not a day we don’t wear some combination of Slimpressions body shapers.  We expanded the line with slimming solutions for every woman, regardless of her outfit or season, for optimal versatility.  So mix and match Slimpressions and enjoy that new, slimmer you!


Amy Pedersen
Slimpressions shapewear

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