How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Trying to get fit after having a baby can take some work, but if you exercise with your newborn, you can get fit and bond with your baby while spending fun quality-time together.

Leave the Weights at the Gym
Who says you need to go to the gym to lose baby weight? Your newborn is the perfect weight and size to help tone your body. Follow these exercise tips and you can bond and sculpt at the same time!  Looking for the fast track to getting your pre-baby shape back?  Check out these must-have shapewear solutions for immediate results.
Get Your Booty Back
Firm your backside in no time with resistance packed squats. Hold your baby close to your chest and gently bend at the knees for the perfect squat exercise to make your booty burn. You can do this anytime to help rock your baby to sleep.  Looking for immediate results?  Try our Long Leg Shaper to get your booty back quickly.
Peek-a-Boo Push-Ups
Tone your arms and create some giggles by doing push-ups over your newborn. Place your baby on the floor and rise into a push-up plank with your face aligned with your baby’s face. Listening to your baby laugh as you say “peek-a-boo” will help alleviate the burn in your arms.
Kelly Ripa or Michele Obama arms
Looking for other ways to look like you have those coveted Kelly Ripa or Michelle Obama arms? Compliment your Peek-a-Boo Push Ups with the founding Slimpressions products; The Haves and The Have Nots. These body shapers help you look toner and thinner around key post-pregnancy problem areas; midriff, back and arms. Nursing moms love The Have Nots, in particular, because they look can look ten pounds thinner while still having easy access to the “liquid gold”.
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