How to Look Thinner in Your Holiday Photos

‘Tis the season for holiday photos and memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy these celebrity tricks to looking thinner so you can look your absolute best in these treasured holiday photographs.
  • Stand sideways to a camera with one foot towards the photographer and one at an angle.
  • Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Chest forward a bit. Suck stomach in. 🙂
  • Hold arms slightly away from your body to keep them from flattening against your body and looking flabby.
  • Leave the double chin to the turkeys! Stretch your head forward and bend it downward a bit. Put your tongue at the roof of your mouth to help avoid a double chin.
  • Distract the eye with great accessories like jewelry and scarves.
  • Spray tans do wonders!
  • Wear one color, black or otherwise, to give you an elongated appearance.
  • Look pounds thinner with Slimpressions women’s shapewear and body slimmers, of course!

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