Looking Good While You Lose Weight

By: Heather K. Jones, RD, Best Life nutritionist
Your body isn’t the only thing that changes as you lose weight on the Best Life plan—your wardrobe must also undergo a transformation. (W)e went to those in the know: the Best Life success stories. All at different stages of success, and all chock full of great ideas on how to build your very best, Best Life weight loss wardrobe, here are their tips on how to stay fashionably attired while you slim down….

JennierLevanduski, 38 years old, 80 pounds slimmer
Now that I’m at my final size, I find shapewear, such as Slimpressions, incredibly useful. I have a bike-short length shaper that I wear to help smooth out any “issues” when wearing certain dresses. I love the added support and confidence they give me to look my very best. Whenever I wear my Slimpressions, people often ask me if I’ve lost more weight!
Marcia Napolitano, 41 years old, 65 pounds lighter living her Best Life
When I want to look and feel really “put together” I use shape wear, like Assets and Slimpressions for a little extra support.

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