Let’s Lose Weight In 2013, Shall We?

As you know, here at Slimpressions, we believe that every woman is beautiful and that shapewear can simply enhance that beauty.  We also believe women should embrace their bodies and treat them with love and respect by eating well, staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Amy’s good friend Heather K. Jones has a powerful tool that can help you do just that in 2013.
Heather is a registered dietitian, a health journalist, and the author of several nutrition books.  She specializes in weight management and behavior change therapy, and she has spent the last 15 years assisting people who struggle with diet and food issues.  She even works with Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer. 
Her new Diet Type eBook series will help you tap into the power of your personality to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 
How does it work?  We’re sure you’ve heard of the personality tests that millions of people take each year to help them find the right job or career path, or even the right love match online.  Heather uses this proven method to help people find the right weight loss and health approach. 
Be sure to take her quick personality assessment and find your Diet Type today by clicking here.   

Once you take the free test you’ll receive a FREE Diet Type introduction eBook with more information about how your personality affects the way you eat, exercise, and approach weight loss. 

More good news! Heather is currently offering a New Year discount of 30% off the entire Diet Type series!
Order now and you’ll receive all four Diet Type eBooks, including the Diet Planner, Diet Player, Diet Feeler, and Diet Thinker eBooks (valued at over $100.00) for a one-time fee of 26.00.  Plus you’ll receive two additional Diet Type eBook bonuses – the Diet Type Jump Start Meal Plan and the Weight Loss basics.
So how do you know if the Diet Type books are right for you?
·      If you would like to put an end to overeating and dieting once and for all, Diet Types is right for you. 
·      If you want to understand your issues with food, Diet Types is right for you.
·      If you want to use the power of your own personality to lose weight, Diet Types is right for you.
We believe these products will make eating a joy instead of a battle. They will help you use your own personal power to gain control of your health, and here at Slimpressions we are all about helping you be the best you, YOU can be!

To find your Diet Type, place your order and receive your FREE bonus gifts, please go here now.

Happy New Year Slimpressionistas!
Amy Pedersen & Jennifer Daniels

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