Making Your Weight Loss Goals Public

As we begin another new year, ’tis the season for setting resolutions.  Weight loss, eating right and exercising more are the most popular goals for people each year, however, within weeks (if not days) we tend to fall into our old patterns and let these resolutions slip away.  

Studies show that when you make your goals public, you are more likely to stick to them.  Not only do goal-setters have a sense of accountability when they make their goals public, but they also feel supported by others.  We loved this story about how one man is making his weight-loss goals public.  

So are you ready to tell the world what your goals are?  If you’d like support from your fellow Slimpressionistas, let us know what your new year’s resolutions are (weight loss or otherwise).  We’re here for you Slim Sisters! 



Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels

Co-Founding Slimpressionistas

Slimpressions Shapewear

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