Mind, Body & Soul Makeovers

We tend to find ourselves juggling our daily activities and sacrificing what is most important, but the key is to not let life and its tasks deprive you of happiness and health. Most Americans start each year with a resolution that they not only pledge to keep but are excited to accomplish. Yet, the fact that surveys show only 8% of Americans keep these resolutions reveal that a change is needed. We need to not focus on completing that one task but a complete mind, body and soul makeover!
Our daily tasks can easily overwhelm us. They can deprive us of time to ourselves and a healthy life style. The key is to get into a habit. It’s not about today’s new diet, but about a life style change. Pursuing self-enrichment is hard, but with a few key tips you can be right on your way to a healthier you.
Your mind is a complex system that needs many requirements to reach its full functioning capacity. Try to get a sufficient night’s sleep every night by scheduling it in just as you do with your daily tasks. Also, a positive attitude can change almost any situation. As I have always said, the attitude you put forth will undoubtedly be returned. Lastly, find a hobby or an activity that is just for you. The mind is all about equilibrium, as much as it needs to be challenged, it also needs a break.
The next step is to take control of your body by loving every inch of it. This includes spending some time at the gym and maintaining a well balanced diet. It’s not always about making major changes, such as surgical procedures, but more about feeling good. You need to realize that the perfect magazine body is not always achievable or optimal. And while you are trying to stay healthy and fit through exercise, I also love Slimpressions shapewear, needless to say. Slimpressions can not only comfortably compress those areas that the gym just cannot seem to control but help you visualize future diet and exercise success with immediate results. And once you successfully lose weight, Slimpressions can help you conceal the extra skin that is impossible to work off.   Look good. Feel good. That’s what Slimpressions shapewear is all about.
The last piece of your makeover is about your soul. I have always recommended that people use that “snooze time” when the alarm goes off in the morning to their advantage by starting the day with being grateful for what they have. A lot of this is mindset. It’s about staying positive and believing in something greater than yourself. Turn to Him. Trust in Him.
This mind, body and soul makeover will be accomplished once there is a harmonious and dynamic balance between all aspects of you. Don’t wait until New Years to set new goals because the time is now. Every day marks a fresh new start on your life.  Savor every moment!  And let us know what we can do to help.
Amy Pedersen
Co-Foundser, Slimpressions shapewear

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