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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much exercise we do, eating healthy or just all around taking care of our body, certain parts sometimes sag with age.  Might be your arms, your boobs, something around the mid section or your rump…..or if you’ve had kids you would have answered YES to all of the above.  LOL!

Some post pregnant bellies are like a deflated balloon.  Or in my case an inflated, then deflated and inflated and deflated and inflated and well…..half blown up balloon!

Slimpressions quickly accepted the opportunity.  When I was asked which style I wanted to try out I was torn.  There are 3 styles and each target a different troubled area, all areas personally have experienced trouble.  The Haves and The Have Nots both target those flabby arms but The Haves have soft cups for comfy chest coverage.   When I received my package, I immediately opened my bag.  I was excited to try out my slim wear.

These were the 3 styles:







The Have Nots – Sleevage control top without cleavage compromise

The Skinny Minis – Upper body control top with utterly naked arms

The Haves – Sleevage plus cleavage control top

The Skinny Mini is similar to the shirts I wear most of the time so I chose that one to try out. When I received my package, inside I had all 3 to try.   I was really excited because I really do need some tuck and slim whether it’s just hanging out at home or going out.

These shirts are amazing.  I will admit when I first looked at the shirts I thought there was NO WAY I was going to fit in them.  But they stretch.  Now I also wish I had read the “reminder” before trying to throw one on.  LOL!

Not sure if you could read that but basically it says to step in to the shape wear. I attempted to put it on over my head…….I just about choked myself. That just goes to show the control the shirts have.

I put the shirt on and I loved it. The material is extra soft. The shirt smoothed out all my troubled areas.  All 3 shirts would work well under a t-shirt and jeans or dress pants and shirt or a beautiful evening dress.  They are lightweight, you can hardly tell you are wearing one.  You don’t have to worry that wearing the slim wear under your regular clothes will be uncomfortable.  The shirts can be tucked in to any pair of pants/shorts/skirts to smooth out those “love handles”.

“Enter Slimpressions. Our flab-u-lessTM slimming garments create an illusion of weight reduction which helps to boost confidence while sculpting the top half of a woman’s body

I am pleasantly plump right now as I still have some weight to lose and the slim wear made all my “round edges” not so noticeable.   I can’t say enough about how great they are.  Before I tried these out I was a little skeptical that they would actually make a difference.  I have tried other brands and they didn’t have the control that the Slimpressions have.   These shirts really do “slim” your figure.  The slim wear comes in several different colors: Nude, White, Black and Chocolate.  Great colors to choose from to go under any attire.

Happy Mommy 3

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