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My body isn’t the same after having Charlie. Things have … changed, to put it nicely. Especially in my core and arms. Flabby  McFlabberton – to put it not so nicely. So I was glad to have the opportunity to try out shape wear from  Slimpressions. Slimpressions is a line of  shape wear {made in the US!! hooray for that!} designed to slim your arms, back, and midriff – for everyday! From the site:



“Our Flab-u-less Slimming garments create an illusion of weight reduction which helps to boost confidence while sculpting the top half of a woman’s body.”

There are 3 different styles to best fit your needs; The Skinny Minis The Haves, & The Have Nots. Each of which feature the ribbed midriff for great support and found the length to be flattering. I personally tried out The Haves {sorry no personal pictures of me sporting shapewear}

  • Gentle compression smoothes and shapes dreaded “arm flab”
  • Soft cups for comfy chest coverage
  • Ribbed midriff for flab-u-less all-around support
  • Long torso for tucking and layering
  • Tagless comfort
  • Torso that curves where you need it to
  • Mesh armpits for added breathability

I should mention … when I first tried on my shapewear I was laughing at myself hysterically for quite a while. I didn’t read the instructions and just went to put it on like a normal top. I beg of you, do not do this. LOL I’m not afraid to admit it – I looked a fool struggling with it. Contorted and stuck, I finally managed to pick up my invoice realizing my mistake. You are to step INTO it. *sigh* Oh to be a fly on the wall that day… Once I stopped laughing at myself and correctly put it on, I was impressed with how comfortable it felt. Yes! It sucked me in, but it wasn’t constricting or uncomfortable in the slightest.

I checked myself out in the mirror noting that I didn’t have to suck my tummy in myself. Don’t judge, you do it too. I think I made a good choice picking The Haves though, I loved how it slimmed my arms. Quite flattering if I do say so myself.

Mrs. Cox

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