Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge

Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies.  We tell ourselves we’re not worthy enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not beautiful enough …. not good enough.  We’d never talk to our friends this way.  Shoot, most of us would never talk to ANYONE this way … yet we allow that little voice inside our heads to feed us these lies.  My friend, Waning Woman, calls them “ear worms”.

So here’s the challenge.  For ONE WEEK, seven short days, we challenge you to take the Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge.  Shut down those negative thoughts by consciously replacing them with positive ones.

For the next week, your glass is half full, not half empty!  You are good enough!  You are beautiful inside and out!  You are smart, kind and important! (as we learned/saw in “The Help”).  The scale does not define you!  You are one of a kind – special and unique.  You are worthy!  Don’t quit the Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge.  Keep at it.

Are you up for the Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge?  Let us know here, via  Facebook , Twitter (@slimpressions) or email us at   Feel free to share Slimpressions Positive Self Talk Challenge with others!  We could all use some positive reinforcement, right?  #positiveselftalkchallenge

Blessings and Positivity,

Amy Blankenship Pedersen

Co-Founder, Slimpressions

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