Shapely Arms Due Attention by Linda Miller

Forget six-pack abs. Most women would just like to feel good about their arms. Not look-at-me-I’ve-got-muscles good. Just good enough to wear a sleeveless black dress this holiday season and leave the jacket in the closet, or to feel comfortable in a slim, long-sleeve sweater.

Sixty-three percent of women feel self-conscious about their arms and try to hide them under clothing with baggy sleeves, according to a Michigan study. Clothes for fall tend to be sleeker, fitted and tailored, so baggy isn’t the answer, not that it ever was. But we all need options.

Other than diet and exercise, what’s a woman with flabby arms to do?

With a slew of slim shaper available that lifts, slims and flattens bottoms, thighs and tummies, you would think someone could engineer something that would minimize arms.

Slimpressions shapewear, founded by sisters-in-law Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels, offers seamless torso and arm shapers with gentle compression to smooth and shape. It was recognized as a top finalist in the Best Technically Innovative Product at the Contours International Lingerie Awards in August. The shapers cost $72.

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