Shapewear Doesn’t Just Mean Tummy Trimmers

By: Michelle Madhok

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It seems like girdles (how long has it been since you read the word girdles?) and control-top stockings have been around since the dawn of clingy clothes. But as we all know so well, women are shaped differently, and on many of us, there are more or different areas that could use some help.


Women respond well when we feature these products on SheFinds – probably because they are solutions for small niches that aren’t otherwise filled. Here are three great ones:

If you have a little extra on your arms: Slimpressions ($72 at Slimpressions). A slimming shirt that – here’s the unique part – has slimming sleeves. Slimpressionsshapewear The ‘Haves’? version minimizes the bust as well; buy the ‘Have Nots’ if you’re smaller on top and don’t need the extra support.

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