Foundation Garments Make Body-Hugging Fashions Wearable Even For Those With More Than An Inch To Pinch


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — With bathing suit season behind us and the sun fleeing the sky earlier and earlier, temptation to skip the ab workout, lay off the lunges and drop the dumbbell is great. Somehow, macaroni and cheese becomes more acceptable — even necessary — as the temperature drops. And even though curves have regained their allure, lumps remain in the “thou shalt not” category, so if you’ve slacked off on exercise or indulged in too much comfort food, be thankful that the seemingly fastest-growing segment of the fashion industry is all about compression.

Flabuless, Spanx, ShapeFX, Body Wrap and Slimpressions, just to name a few, specialize in nipping and tucking women where the need is the greatest — waist, hips, thighs, even the upper arms.

The best news is, these are not your grandmother’s girdles.

Slimpressions shapewear, launched in February, aims for the same target area — flabby arms — while also giving a toned look to the back and midriff. Try the “Haves” for extra support for the chest, or the “Have Nots” if your chest is the one area that does not require compression. Check them out at

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