Slimpressions Corporate Charity – Food for the Poor

Long before Jen and I founded Slimpressions® body slimmer, we knew we were blessed.  We live in a country full of abundance.  It’s easy to take for granted all of the many blessings so many of us have…..a warm, safe place to live,  access to food and clean water, educational opportunities, religious freedom and the ability to pursue our dreams.  In addition, Jen and I are surrounded by truly amazing people in our lives including our husbands, children, extended family, friends and the entire Slimpressions shapewear team.  We are truly blessed women.

Jen and I learned of Food for the Poor several years ago at church and we immediately fell in love with the good work this organization does.  Food for the Poor is a charity work committed to helping the poorest of the poor in the world.  They run an extremely lean operation.  Only a few cents from every dollar go towards overhead expenses.  The rest is used to help those in need.


Jen and I are very proud of the fact that we’ve been able to house two families, provide livestock, school supplies, food, medicine and materials to help people to earn a livelihood in the Caribbean.  We’re well on our way toward our next goal as well.  We’re working hard to build a village in Haiti. Our project consists of 15 houses, 15 sanitation areas and a community center in a very desolate area of Haiti.  You can feel good knowing that a portion of your purchase of Slimpressions®body shapers go towards helping those less fortunate.  For more information about Food for the Poor and the village we’ve adopted, please visit their website.

Thank you so much for your support of Slimpressions shapewear and Food for the Poor.

– Amy Pedersen

Co-Founder, Slimpressions ®

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