Slimpressions Review

I was able to try out a great line of shapewear called Slimpressions. They have three styles to choose from, two of which help slim your upper arms as well as the waist and midriff area. One style is a tank top which slims only the midriff.

All of them are very comfortable, however, I think that my favorite was what they call “The Haves”. Now, even though I don’t have upper arm wiggle and jiggle, the reason I liked “The Haves” is because it really created a slimming effect all over the body, with no extra bulge. While I did like “The Skinny Minis“, which is a tank top style, I did find that I got a tiny bulge at the top edge of the tank. It wasn’t enough of a bulge to be a problem, so I find myself using this piece more often than the other simply because the weather is still warm, but I have a feeling that once it’s much colder I will be living in “The Haves”.


There is one more piece in the collection called “The Have Nots“, which is similar to “The Haves”, but with out covering the bust line. I can see that this piece would be great for those who have a larger bust, or who want to show off their cleavage in an outfit but still have the benefit of slim wear. I didn’t find this one as comfortable as the other two, but it could be a nice choice for those with large busts.



 Each piece comes in a choice of four colors (black, white, chocolate, and nude). There is also a nice range of sizing that fits all the way to a women’s size 22. They are all a nice long length, so they reach down to the hips. This does help avoid bunching up. I didn’t find them to ride up much, which is really important in shapewear since some do ride up and get uncomfortable.

Overall I really enjoyed the products and thought that they did a nice job of slimming while still being comfortable to wear. The other great thing is that Slimpressions offers a good range of sizes and styles to fit any woman. Wish list worthy indeed!

Wish list Worthy

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