Slimpressions Stops Arm Flab!

By: Dina Campbell and Leby Dowd

Traditionally, women’s shapewear lines focus on women from the waist down.  While the bottom half ends up looking smooth and bulge-free, the upper torso fat is usually pushed up creating more problems.  New for the season, Slimpressions shapewear take on the challenge with a new line of everyday shapewear designed to slim a woman’s arms, back and midriff.

The Slimpressions brand encompasses two distinct lines, The Haves and The Have-Nots, both of which feature a ribbed midriff for all-round support and compression on the arms.  Slimpressions are made from a machine-washable compression fabric and are available in sizes based on pant sizes (2-22).

“Most women assume they have to live with jiggling fat as they raise their arms,” said Amy Pedersen, co-founder of Branches Unlimited, Slimpressions’ parent company.  “But Slimpressions body slimmer address the troublesome areas while also slimming the midriff bulge.  It’s great!”

Additional features include a subtle mesh weave int he arm pit for added breathability.  Furthermore, the extra long torso was designed for tucking or layering and works with a woman’s hip to help keep the garment in place.

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