I Liked How It Made Me Feel

When the Slimpression’s people contacted me about reviewing their slimming shirts I thought to myself…I don’t need to be slimmed.  But come one, let’s face it…we all need a little slimming.

I decided to do a little research into who Slimpressions really are. What they stand for and what exactly the product was. Slimpressions is a Marietta, GA based section of Branches Unlimited, LLC owned and operated by sisters-in-law with a combined 35 years of business experience. is a patent-pending line of shaping tops designed to slim a woman’s arms, back, and midsection.The line comes in four different colors: white, chocolate, black, and nude.

They have 3 different styles of shirts:

  • “The Haves” – These provide arm slimming coverage plus cleavage and midsection control.
  • “The Have Nots” – These provide arm slimming coverage, midsection control, without cleavage coverage.
  • “The Skinny Minis” – These provide upper body control top with not sleeves.

Okay, that’s the technical stuff…now it’s down to the real stuff, how it made me feel and how I liked it. When I first took these shirts out of the bag, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical.  I though how comfortable is am I going to be wearing this tiny thing?  I was a little worried to say the least. It says size 2 and I am NOT a size 2, I thought “Oh no, they’ve gotten the size wrong.”

Well, good thing I read the provided material through before I emailed them…you see size 1 fits pant sizes 2-10, size 2 fits pant sizes 8-16, and size 3 fits pant sizes 14-22. Shew, good thing I checked first, because I would have felt REALLY dumb.

So I put the “The Haves” shirt on Saturday under a tee-shirt and sweater, I can honestly say I barely noticed it was on for the majority day.

I have found with other “slimming undergarments” either roll-up in an unflattering and uncomfortable way or make you feel like your eyes are going to pop right out of your head.  This shirt did neither. It stayed snug on my hips and didn’t make me feel like I was going to pass out.  I wore my “skinny jeans”, we all have them, and they were a little loose…which thrilled me to no end.

It takes a little getting used to putting them on; you step into the shirt, pull it up, and adjust the arms and chest to comfort. These shirts slim you down immediately all the way down to your hips, including any baby bump you might have left from your last bundle of joy.

“The Have Nots” shirt looks a bit comical when you first take it out, but it’s perfect for those of us who aren’t “endowed” in the chest area. It’s perfect for when you’re wearing a low cut shirt or dress, and when you don’t want to press down the ladies.

“The Skinny Minis” is a great cami and is perfect for when you need to wear a sleeveless shirt or dress, but want to maintain the sleek figure the entire line offers.

Mom of Faith

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