Slimpressions History and CEO

Slimpressions Shapewear History

Candidly, our leap into the body shaper industry was inspired by a personal need after an embarrassing moment.  When dropping her children off at preschool, Amy Pedersen waved to a friend.  Unfortunately, when she stopped waving, her arm (sadly) did not.  The embarrassing part for her was not the fact that she lacked tone arms. She already knew that. The embarrassing part for her was that she could see in her friend’s face that SHE SAW that Amy had some serious arm swing going on.  Yikes.

Amy has always been a big fan of shapewear and, at the time, thought she had something to cover about every squishy part of her body.  Apparently not.  When leaving preschool that morning, she called her sister-in-law Jennifer Daniels and jokingly told her what happened.  She asked Jen to Google arm flab shapers and order her three of them!  Curious, Jen did just that yet an arm shaping slimmer was not to be found.  Knowing Amy wasn’t the only woman with this kind of drama, a business idea was born and Amy and Jen co-founded Slimpressions.

Despite their extensive business experience in corporate America, neither Jen or Amy had any experience developing, producing or marketing shapewear.  To ensure they were on the right path with an arm shaper, they solicited input from women of all shapes and sizes. They learned that what women really longed was a body shaper that slimmed and sculpted jelly belly, muffin top, back fat AND arm flab. Finding a body slimmer for the midsection that actually stayed in place had been a challenge for most women and they begged Amy and Jen to make one. It was not easy but after three years of research and development, they proudly launched Slimpressions’ patented designs The Haves and The Have Nots to meet this need.

Since this infamous preschool parking lot moment in 2005, the company has grown substantially over the years expanding the product line based customer demand and shipping internationally.  Recognized by top stylists and fashion magazines like InStyle, Redbook, O – The Oprah Magazine and more, Slimpressions has become a trusted brand for women with loose skin who want to look and feel their best every day – not just on special occasions.

After years leading the helm, Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels passed the baton in November 2016 and announced a change in operational management. Dawn Hurlebaus, formerly Slimpressions’ Director of Possibilities, now serves as President and CEO.    Read the press release .

Dawn Hurlebaus, CEO

Dawn Hurlebaus, President & CEO
Solacepath LLC dba Slimpressions 

Dawn Hurlebaus has a very diverse background in industries such as Retail, Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Education. With over 30 years’ experience, she has been recognized across North America by top Information Technology Partners winning National awards on a consistent basis for Sales, Marketing, Quality of Excellence, Director Awards and Partner of the Year Awards.

As an advocate for women on their weight loss journey, Dawn had bariatric surgery June of 2016 and is connected on a very personal level between the weight loss community and Slimpressions. Dawn is married and has been with her spouse for 29 years. In 2008 Dawn fostered and then adopted 3 siblings. They created a safe and loving home. She attends mass with her children every Sunday and is extremely active as a volunteer for Religious Education, the prayer and praise group as well as the healing ministry at St. Ann’s Church in Marietta, GA.

Most recently, Dawn was elected to the Catholic Charities Leadership Class of 2016. She strives to raise funds for them to assist refugees, disabled veterans, the hungry and homeless, counseling and education.  Dawn has been a professional photographer for 30 years and enjoys nature and wildlife. Her pictures can be seen on her website at along with her blogs at

Slimpressions Founders:

Amy Pedersen, Co-Founder
Amy Pedersen has been marketing and promoting brands like Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, Dodge, Hardee’s, Century 21 and other household names. She’s responsible for Slimpressions marketing, advertising, PR, product design and development and sales channel management. Amy has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Georgia and an M.S. in Marketing from Georgia State University. In addition, she is a professional speaker and the author of The Miracle of Me as well as How to Lead, Succeed and be Brand YOU; A College Student’s Guide to Extraordinary Success. She and her husband, Jon, have been married since 1996 and are the proud parents of two children, Caroline and Jack.

Jennifer Daniels, Co-Founder
Jennifer Daniels has a strong business background, holding senior management positions with USIS, ChoicePoint and GE, where she served in leadership roles in GE’s technology and financial services business units. Jennifer’s experience in quality and process improvement as a Six Sigma Black Belt help her focus on eliminating defects in Slimpressions manufacturing methodology as well as streamlining the business process to ensure that your Slimpressions garments are of consistent high quality and are great values. Jennifer has a Bachelors Degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Georgia State University. Jennifer and husband Frank are parents to three boys.