The Bite that Burns, the Foods You Eat

Remember the Bite that Burns is About the Foods You Eat

Did you know that you are burning calories while you’re consuming them? It’s true! That’s the bite that burns. Certain foods burn more calories during digestion than others. For example, your body uses twice as much energy to process whole grains like wheat, brown rice, or oatmeal than it does processed food like starchy potato chips. We’re not talking negative-calorie foods here; although, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Some additional bites (or sips) that burn include:

  • Green Tea and Coffee
  • Spicy Peppers
  • Nuts (in small quantities)
  • Lean Protein (lean meats, Greek yogurt, and eggs)
  • Most (note most) Raw Fruits and Vegetables
  • Broth-Based Soup (“No heavy cream allowed!”)
  • Beans


healhy eating
Losing weight starts with making good choices

All of these foods either contain an ingredient that revs up your metabolism or one that keeps you full for little calories. These are little changes you can make to your diet, especially during snack time, to help you boost your metabolism and get rid of those lingering pounds. Remember to eat smart and take bites that burn!
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