The Latest Figures: Slim and Sassy Shapewear

By: Pink Magazine The Little Pink Book – Pink Community e-Note
March 6, 2009

Efficiency is totally your middle name. Or it would be, at least, if your parents hadn’t already put “Dolores” on the birth certificate.

As such, you have little patience for wasting time – whether in the office or out.

Which is why we think you’ll love the latest batch of slimming shapeweargarments, which deliver instant figure-boosting results without dieting or the painful burden of sweating it out on a treadmill while trying to read the Judge Judy closed-captioning subtitles at the gym.

Don’t think of it as cheating. Just think of it as a handy shortcut to improving your (ahem) bottom line.

Slimpressions: “Reconfigure your figure” with goodies like the bust-lifting, tummy-smoothing Skinny Mini camisole, and the Haves and Have Nots tops, which tackle flabby arms, droopy boobs and bulging bellies.

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