The Luxury Spot

A year ago I was slim… 5′8″ and 125lbs, fitting into all sorts of amazing clothes. I could wear anything and feel pretty good about it.  That was, until I got pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong, the glory of creating a new life certainly trumps anything else, but I’d still like to have my old body back (see photo below).  After gaining a startling 45 lbs with my son, you can’t imagine how eager I was to put on some skinny jeans and a fitting vneck (because afterall, my boobs are enormous now and it would be a sin to keep them hidden in a turtleneck).  So, just three weeks after he was born on January 6, I’m almost back to my normal shape… Just 10lbs left to go! But it all seems to be sitting like a brick around my belly and hips!

You can imagine my delight when I got a lovely package from the kind-hearted Holly at Slimpressions she’s fabulous. She introduced me to their line of slimming shirts and tanks that basically act as better-than-Spanx control tops. Woo! Victory over the bulge.

My personal favorite is the tank, because it works really well with almost any shirt or dress and is totally discreet.  No one would ever expect that you’re wearing a slimming tank! Slimpressions Tank in Black, $58



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