The Shapewear Evolution

As with many industries, the shapewear business has evolved.  Bye, bye girdles!  (And thank goodness!)  The denim industry, for example, began in the 18th century with a need for a durable fabric for laborers. In the 19th century, Levi Strauss began a wholesale business, answering the need for strong clothes for gold miners. The denim industry has expanded over the years into a staple for westerners, rebels, hippies and fashionistas. Hundreds of companies have launched and succeeded as a result. ‘The old mass market has segmented, fragmented, shattered into a multitude of mini, micro and niche markets’* and the same thing has happened in shapewear.  Gone are the days of the girdle and gone are the days of only one shapewear company.  Today’s woman longs for more.

Many shapewear companies focus their designs and marketing efforts on the special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, reunion or red carpet event, these shapers were designed for women with just a few pounds to hide knowing they will only be worn for a few hours.  There’s certainly a need there.
Often referred to as “Real Shapewear for Real Women”, Slimpressions is for women who have lost/need to lose fifteen pounds or more and would like an all-day solution to camouflage their “extra”.   That’s right Barbie…Slimpressions is NOT for you.
At Slimpressions, we focus on looking good and feeling good every day.  We treat every day as a special occassion and believe that women have the right to shine Monday through Sunday, not just on Saturday nights.  Our shapewear features moderate compression so you can BREATHE and still look good and feel confident all day, every day.
What makes our designs so comfortable? We use a patented technology to create a seamless torso. Unlike traditional “cut and sew” compression garments that force every body regardless of their shape into a consistent mold/pattern, our seamless designs conform to EVERY body shape and style. So whether you’re a woman with an hour glass, pear, apple, spoon, etc. body style, Slimpressions confidencewear works for you. (We don’t subscribe to the “stuffing a round peg into a square hole” approach. We think too highly of things like oxygen.)  Further, our body shapers are longer than traditional shapewear styles. They were designed to sit on the hips to work with the woman’s body to stay in place and minimize untimely roll-ups common in other brands.
Just as women have a variety of jeans in their closets, women now have a variety of body slimming solutions to choose from.  Shapewear is like jewelry, as I always say.  Not every piece works with every outfit…or for every occasion.  Treat yourself to Slimpressions when you want to look and feel your best whether your going to the grocery store or presenting the quarterly report.  Confidencewear, indeed.
Amy Pedersen
Co-Founding Slimpressionista

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