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I love trying out new body shapers so I when I had the chance to test a target , I was excited.  Most body shapers just address the bottom half of our bodies and neglect the issues women have above the waist.  Slimpressions is a patent-pending line of everyday shape wear designed to slim a woman’s arms, back and midriff.

Slimpressions come in sizes 2 to 22 and in a variety of colors including white, nude, chocolate, and black.  They also come in petite sizes which impressed me as most shaper garments seem to forget about petite girls. Slimpressions prevents the dreaded Muffin Top which is when your tummy hangs over the side of your jeans.

Oprah calls Muffin Top, “Dunlap Syndrome;” it happens when your stomach “done lap over your jeans.” 🙂

The two versions of Slimpressions I tested were “The Haves” and “The Skinny Mini.” “The Haves” is for us girls who want to put it all back where it belongs.

The garment features gentle compression which smooths and shapes our dreaded “arm flab” and soft cups for comfy chest coverage.  I like that you do not have to wear a bra with this product.

It also has a long torso which is great for me because I am 5′7.”   I tried it in white and I thought it was a little see through so I would probably wear it underneath a cardigan or jacket.

“The Skinny Mini” features upper body control in the form of a tank top.  The first thing I noticed about this product was that it had adjustable straps which I really like.  I can’t imagine wearing a tank that does not allow you to change the strap size.  Again with this product you do not need to wear a bra underneath.  Some similar products claim to be bra tanks but if you are a big busted girl like me you know they don’t always work.  The Slimpressions does what it says and provides support for your chest area.  It also has a long torso which is a great quality in a shaper garment.

My first thought about shapewear for the arms was that it would be uncomfortable.  Not so with Slimpressions! I was impressed at how comfortable it felt on. Now getting it on was another story. When you wear Slimpressions, make sure you put the garment on according to the directions which say to step into it “from the top, slide up, adjust through the middle, shoulders, and arms, then slim down!”  I tried to put it on the traditional way over my head which was hilarious.  The Little Write Gal was home with me at the time and I called her into the bathroom to rescue Mommy.  She finally did 10 minutes later after she quit laughing.


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