Value The Friend More Than The Friendship

How many friends do you have? Perhaps I should rephrase. How many friends do you have that have been there for you in your darkest hour? They know your hurts, sorrow, pain, joy and love. That special friend loves you on your good days and comforts you on your bad. He/she encourages, motivates and lifts you up when you didn’t know you needed it (but secretly did). They send a text or call at the perfect moment … when you felt alone, then suddenly realized you weren’t. You smile, take a deep breath and know you are blessed.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to thank all those people who have imprinted your heart. Those precious blessings that have touched your life. Share with them why you love them and why they are a precious gift. We don’t know what they are going through, but I can promise you your words will give them strength. Simply love the person.  Love who they are.  Be the friend to them that they are to you. Mentor someone so you can inspire like your friend has inspired you.

Friend and Author, Dr. Connie Stapleton, Ph.D has a great article below talking about just this. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dawn Hurlebaus, CEO
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Value The Friend More Than The Friendship
Dr. Connie Stapleton, Ph.D

As many people know, I love to listen to podcasts and Ted Talks and talks by people I consider to be wise. One person in particular I often refer to is Andy Stanley. I was listening to one of his series tonight, in which several speakers participated, on my drive from Atlanta to Augusta. I’ve heard Andy comment in a number of his talks about the importance of having mentors and wise people who will provide us with guidance, direction and insights along our journeys. Successful people in all arenas (and by success, I do not necessarily mean money), note having a number of such advisors to help guide them in their lives. We all need people to help us navigate unchartered territory, to help us through difficult stages of life, and to steer us in a helpful direction when we veer off track.

  • How many of us actually have people in our lives who are willing to tell us the difficult things we might not want to hear, but need to hear?
  • How many of us are willing to say difficult things to the people we love who might not want to hear, but might benefit from, hearing our concerns?


It seems easy to refrain from saying to a good friend or family member things like … READ MORE HERE >>>

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