340lbs My Weight Loss Journey Begins Here at Slimpressions

340lbs My Weight Loss Journey Begins Now

Be Bold. Be Brave.
340lbs My Weight Loss Journey Begins Here at Slimpressions


Weight loss begins now. I am 49, a mother of 3, an executive and weigh 340lbs.  I was a former athlete. I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation and had brain surgery in 2006. I adopted 3 children, all siblings in 2008.  I have had 3 more surgeries.  I am spiritual, involved with church and volunteer when I can, love photography, yet … I weigh 340lbs.

Family photos are fun. I am always the photographer (by choice). Vacations used to be fun, now I hate going to the beach or the pool and swimming was my sport.  Now, let’s flip to work. I am confident, driven and great at what I do, yet … I weigh 340lbs

drumroll please ….  my insurance company does not have any surgical or non-surgical weight loss plans.  I can’t even take advantage of the nutritional programs or proceed to my referral at the bariatric facility nearby.  Can you feel my tears running down my cheeks?


God brought me to this inspiring woman named Amy Pedersen, CEO of Slimpressions. I fell in love with her story and loved seeing the website.  There is such a great group of people here … much like a family.  Looking at the products, I thought, “Yeah right, how am I going to fit into these?”  I wanted to order one online, but didn’t. What was I afraid of? What is the worst thing that could happen? It doesn’t fit and you send it back with their no hassle guarantee return policy. Then the emotions kick in, depression because you are too big yet … “you have such a beautiful face”, “you have a great heart”, “you are an amazing person” … YES BUT I AM FAT … I weigh 340lbs!


Amy surprised me one day with a little brown bag.  Inside it was a Comfy Bralette. I took it home and tried it on and was so excited. It fit perfect.  It was soft, comfortable, supported me in all the right places and gave me so much confidence.  I was shocked … and yet I weigh 340lbs. Real shapewear for Real women! I get it.


I have very dear friend who has lost 180+ lbs. She has been such an inspiration to me personally and professionally.  My family, friends, Amy and Slimpressions are behind me.  What am I waiting for? So I started my diet 4/9/2016 because I am 340lbs. Not just because I failed my first physical ever and my doctor said I had to, but because I need this.  I drove to my prayer group at church last night and as I sat in silence, tears just fell. One by one, like a child slowly turning on a faucet. Soon, I simply lost control of all my emotions and felt naked in my skin bearing my soul in silence to God as he said, “Be Bold. Be Brave.” I opened up to my group and shared my struggle.  They prayed over me and I found continued strength through their healing words.


I don’t weigh 340lbs anymore. I weigh far less!  Slimpressions is not just a company with products on their website.  They care about OUR journey and are here to cheer us on.  The journey can be weight loss, career driven, family extension, inner healing, or retirement. As a community we all support on another and what better place than to let Slimpressions into your life, like I did mine.  #bebold  #bebrave

Please “LIKE THIS” or SHARE so I know you are out there supporting my weight loss journey. I will keep writing, posting and sending prayers and blessings your way.


Dawn  04/19/2016


11/2/16 Update:  Had the Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery 6/30/16 in Mexico with Dr Illan and have lost 64lbs so far.  Difficult journey, but so worth it!

12/31/17 Update: Down 120lbs total

4 thoughts on “340lbs My Weight Loss Journey Begins Here at Slimpressions

  1. So excited to announce that Amy Pedersen introduced me to the CEO of Bariatric Pal 6 weeks ago in Nashville. I borrowed against my 401k because my insurance does not cover anything weight loss related. Alex immediately called his team and less than 2 weeks later on 6/30 I was having Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I was walking a few hours later. I am recovering well and feel refreshed and amazing. I can’t wait to to hit my first milestone, being under 300lbs, Then I will take it 50lbs at a time … Many thanks for everyone who has ready my journey so far and supported me.

  2. You have got this. It is not an easy road but it is yours to travel and that makes it beautiful. I started in October of 2015 at 450 pounds at just 5’4″. I am down to 320 pounds today and 3 weeks away from RNY gastric bypass. I am still wearing the same old clothes that I was stuffing my self in to previously. They finally fit, in my eyes. Others are saying I am dressing in sacks. I just can not get pass the prior horrors of not being able to shop in stores, I was too big at a size 34/36 and a 6X. I did pull out a few old clothes stashed in the depth of my closet that are a 3X however when I put them on I only see the same old 450 pound Rachel staring back at me. I am scared to death or what is under all this fat… I have no clue however I will keep going in an effort to let go of the physical pain my body has bared from carrying extra weight physically and emotionally. You can see some of my journey at http://www.facebook.com/fattycakesblog where there are links to my word press blog posts and pictures. I look forward to watching your success!

  3. Keep up the good work!!!! Its long and hard sometimes but its worth the difficulty once you start to feel even better and see the results of your struggle. I’ve lost over 100 lbs and have come to learn the body may look a little saggy at first and you may not like your skin but it can get better. With diet, exercise. weight training, and the right compression wear your body will learn how to tone up. The toning process takes time after weight loss and a slow, even and steady weight loss process gives your skin time to adjust and begin to look great. I was almost 400 lbs when my journey began years ago and now I am 255 lbs today and I know from personal experience you can do it and enjoy your results as you go along with the right support such as the garments offered at Slimpressions. Take care and best of blessings in your continued journey.

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