What Makes Slimpressions Shapewear Different?

What makes Slimpressions different

 Comfort.  Fit.  Quality.
Most shapewear was designed for the special occasion. The times when you want to and need to look your absolute best. It’s then that you want to pull out the heavy artillery – the firm control shapewear. The stuff that you can’t wait to take off no more than three hours later….That’s not Slimpressions.
Slimpressions was designed for every day wear, however. From grocery shopping to that all day business meeting, Slimpressions slims and sculpts without sacrificing important things like oxygen and blood circulation. 🙂  Will you look like they just had plastic surgery when wearing Slimpressions? No. Can you comfortably look thinner and smoother and feel better about your look on a daily basis? Absolutely!
Many other shapewear companies retain off-shore manufacturers to simply sew a couple of shiny, stretchy pieces of fabric together without regard to the nuances of a woman’s body. These products tend to mush women in areas they don’t want to be flattened and cause additional lumps and bumps in other areas. Worse yet, their shapers are uncomfortable and easily roll up.
Slimpressions, on the other hand, uses a patented seamless technology to leverage various weaves within one comfortable, streamlined torso. The ribbed midriff provides extra compression and structure to smooth and shape jelly belly, muffin top, back fat and bra bulge. This “magic middle”, as we like to call it, conforms to every body type; hourglass, cylinder, pear or apple body shape. The jersey top makes our body slimmers appear to be layering pieces. We even designed a mesh weave in the arm pits of our patent-pending, arm-flab-tackling, sleeved garments for added air flow where a woman needs it the most.  Further, our Top Sleekret slimmers were designed to sit low on the hips and work with a woman’s body to minimize those roll-ups and help it stay in place.
Our materials are top notch. If we were sheets, we’d be Egyptian cotton 1500 thread count, baby!  Made in Canada and in the United States, we pack a lot of longevity and stability in each and every product.
We were not only mindful of a woman’s body when creating Slimpressions, we were mindful of her lifestyle too. Who has time to hand wash their slim shapers? Women love our easy care styles. Just throw them in the washing machine and go!
As seen in InStyle, Redbook, Woman’s Day and highlighted (in a good way 🙂 ) on What Not to Wear, Slimpressions meet the needs of women looking for unique everyday shaping solutions.   How do you know if Slimpressions shapewear is right for you?  Find out here.

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