Why Shapewear?

Jen and I are often asked how we got into the shape clothing business. Candidly, our leap into the body shaper industry was inspired by my own personal need.  One cold winter morning, I was dropping my little ones off at preschool. I waved across the parking lot a friend who was about ten feet or so from me. When I stopped waving, however, something strange happened. Although my hand stopped waving, my arm flab did not! The embarrassing part was not the fact that I had arm flab. The embarrassing part was that I could see in my friend’s face that SHE SAW that I had arm flab.

Now, I‘m a big fan of body slimmer. No pun intended! I thought I had just about every kind of body shaper for women in my personal shape clothing arsenal but I did not have anything for arm flab. What I needed was an arm slimmer! On my way home, I called Jen and asked her to Google arm slim shaper and we could not find anything. Our business idea for Slimpressions® was born!
The initial idea was just an arm shaping slimmer for women’s shapewear. Basically two sleeves held together by a strip of fabric across the back. That sounded good on paper but what we found when we tested it was the fat had to go somewhere. J That “solve” was actually creating a lump somewhere else.
Based on our consumer research, we learned that women really longed for a body shaper that slimmed and sculpted jelly belly, muffin top, back fat AND arm flab. Finding a body slimmer for the midsection that actually stayed in place had been a challenge for most women and they begged us to make one. It was not easy but after three years of development, we proudly launched our patent-pending designs The Haves and The Have Nots to meet this need.  For more information on these flagship products, please visit slimpressions.com/catalog/the-top-sleekret-collection

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