You Only Get One Chance to Make a Slimpression!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You only get one chance to make a good impression”? Well, that’s about all it takes for me… I can try a product ONE time and tell if I love it, or hate it! A few months back, I became obsessed to find great shapewear for gastric bypass patients, or for folks who have lost a massive amount of weight and have hanging skin issues.

I’m pretty particular also. I have spent a lot of money and time searching for these types of products. And to be quite honest, some people don’t understand why I do this. After all, I’m a size 4, and surely I don’t have a need for shapewear, right? WRONG! I look pretty good on the outside….

With clothes, that is. I have found one thing though… even small people have “issues” with their bodies! Wearing a natural feeling piece of shapewear that works makes me feel BETTER about myself. I also enjoy trying new products and giving “heads up” to people who really do need these types of garments. (I’ve also been known to stand in the shapewear aisle at Walmart, TJ Maxx and JC Penney looking, and having a customer ask for my opinion on which one they should purchase… so it is nice to know!)

A friend of mine, Rita from Obesity Help, told me about a company called Slimpressions. Evidently it was recently featured in a magazine she had been reading and she asked if I had tried the product. No, I had not, but immediately I emailed the company for more information, and decided to place an order. I came home this week and found that the UPS man had delivered several packages, one being from the Slimpression folks (they get an A+ on rapid shipping!).

I get so excited, almost like a kid in a candy store, when I rip open the packages! So I took them all out of the flat plastics bags and held them up. My first impression of these were, “Wow, that is a great quality fabric!” My second, “How in the Lord’s green earth am I going to get my body into THAT tiny thing!?” It looks very small when you hold it up. Don’t be fooled! It is very durable and has a nice “give” to it while putting it on.

There is a a ribbed section around the back and tummy panels. Here are the garments piece by piece, and my review.

The garment on the left is called “Have Nots”

The garment on the right is called “Haves”


I could be wrong… but maybe the reason they call this “Have Nots” is because it helps lift up the breast area. You know I have nothing in that department! So the fact that this did not smoosh my breast area was a welcomed plus!

(The other top does not smoosh either… this one just provides a little bit of lift). I think that this would be a great garment to wear with lowcut tops when you don’t want a camisole to show. It is made of the same durable, soft material as the Haves garment.

This garment is referred to as “The Skinny Minis”

I tried this shirt on last because I never considered myself to like a tank with strappies. Remember, I was looking for a garment that held in the excess skin on the sides. But, this top was so cute, and I was going out for the evening.

The shirt I had on did not have long enough sleeves to cover the sleeves on the “Haves” or “Have Nots” garment. I opted to give this a try. We went out to supper Friday evening, and this shirt was so comfy! Each piece of shapewear have long enough tales that they tuck well into your pants and DO NOT ride up like some shirts. They stay in place. And, I didn’t pull or tug on it all evenings. It felt to me somewhat like a second skin, very natural. And because it held me in so well, I was not self concience of my stomach all night long.

Now when someone calls me “Skinny Minnie”, I’ll immediatley think of my new shapewear!

I highly recommend giving these tops a try. Visit their website at I am looking forward to hearing more from this company!


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